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Bob Vander Plaats
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Before the governor quest, there was basketball
Sioux City Journal, 2/16/06
Before he was running for governor twice in the early 21st century, he was just Plaats, a lanky young man with basketball jones.

Candidate bent on 'getting lean'
The Muscatine Journal, 2/9/06
Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats voiced his support for the death penalty, accountability in public schools, and cutting excess government during a visit to Muscatine Wednesday.

Vander Plaats spreads message at Saturday Legislative Coffee
The Daily Nonpareil, 2/5/06
Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats told the group at Saturday's Legislative Coffee he has the right background in dealing with the state's critical issues.

TouchPlay lottery games get candidates’ attention at forum
Quad-City Times, 2/4/06
Six candidates for governor made their pitches Friday to newspaper executives here with each candidate staking out a position on how to deal with the Iowa Lottery’s TouchPlay game.

Gubernatorial candidates tangle on renewable energy
wfcCourier, 2/4/06
Gubernatorial candidates tangled over renewable energy at a forum Friday, with Democrat Michael Blouin highlighting the debate by lecturing party rival Chet Culver about the issue.

Press Releases:

Vander Plaats promotes an "Iowa Brand" of energy
Released 1/25/06
“Iowa leads the world in corn and soybean production. We are a world leader in wind energy and have excellent biomass resource potential,” Bob Vander Plaats said today in Clinton. “We should be marketing these natural gifts as an ‘Iowa Brand’ of energy and positioning our state as the leading source of renewable energy in the world.”

Vander Plaats calls for removal of TouchPlay lottery machines
Released 1/11/06
“Both urban and rural Iowa have been invaded overnight by casino-style gambling,” Republican candidate for governor Bob Vander Plaats said today, calling upon Iowa Lottery officials to remove all TouchPlay lottery machines that have appeared by the thousands in various Iowa retail sites. 

Vilsack talks “strong communities” … walks “bigger government”
Released 1/10/06
“The rules haven’t changed, Governor Vilsack,” Republican Candidate for Governor Bob Vander Plaats stated today.  “Innovation and creativity have always been the cornerstone of a successful economy and ‘strong communities’ have always been a credit to the people who live in them…not bigger government.”

Vander Plaats to Tour Fort Madison State Penitentiary
Released 1/03/06
Bob Vander Plaats, Republican Candidate for Governor, will be touring the Fort Madison State Penitentiary, Ave. G and 1st Street. in Fort Madison, Iowa on Wednesday, January 4th. 

Vander Plaats says porn industry must pay for moral fallout
Released 12/01/05
Iowa gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats stated today that reactionary leadership is offering “too little, too late” when it comes to protecting our children from sexual predators.

Letters to the Editor:

Iowans need a leader for governor
Judy Johnson, Released 11/02/05
In response to the letter in the Oct. 26 edition, it stated that we should vote for Jim Nussle from eastern Iowa for governor because of his support for victims of Hurricane Katrina. We all support and do what we can for those victims, but when voting for our next governor we also need to take in account much more than first responses to natural disasters.

Illegal immigration needs attention, action
Linda Holub, Released 10/25/05
Kudos to Congressman Steve King and Bob Vander Plaats, Republican candidate for governor. They are taking "illegal" immigration as seriously as the infraction deserves. They have the courage to address this "politically incorrect" issue up front and with the fervor that the general public feels is needed.