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Letters to the Editor

Iowans need a leader for governor

By Judy Johnson
November 2, 2005

COUNCIL BLUFFS - In response to the letter in the Oct. 26 edition, it stated that we should vote for Jim Nussle from eastern Iowa for governor because of his support for victims of Hurricane Katrina. We all support and do what we can for those victims, but when voting for our next governor we also need to take in account much more than first responses to natural disasters.

Jim has been a congressman from eastern Iowa for over a decade, yet when the Transportation Bill was released this summer western Iowa saw less than $50 million of a $450 million bill. Jim asked for "across the board cuts" in order to straighten some of the budget issues. "Across the board"? Is that leadership that the governor should display? No, it's a simple answer that puts no prioritization in a budget. And lastly, Jim has been a REPRESENTATIVE for several years, (and that of one of Democratic eastern Iowa) and not a leader. He has not led anyone other than his congressional staff and he, like other congressman, has a chief of staff for that.

Our state needs a governor that knows what it's like to be raised in rural Iowa and has proven his success in the professional world. We need someone who has been a teacher and principal, someone who has been a CEO in a health care organization, and someone who has been traveling the state visiting with Iowans for more than three years. That's passion and that's leadership. That's Bob Vander Plaats.

Iowans are the answer to our problems, not D.C.

Judy Johnson,
Council Bluffs

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