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Letters to the Editor

Illegal immigration needs attention, action

By Linda Holub
October 25, 2005

SIOUX CITY - Kudos to Congressman Steve King and Bob Vander Plaats, Republican candidate for governor. They are taking "illegal" immigration as seriously as the infraction deserves. They have the courage to address this "politically incorrect" issue up front and with the fervor that the general public feels is needed.

There is very little courage displayed by politicians these days. Let's honor those who do have the courage of their convictions even when it is very unpopular in the halls of Congress. We at the local level feel the stress on our schools, medical facilities and the legal system when illegal immigration is virtually ignored by this administration and the legislative branch of our government. When you are fighting the establishment, including the president, the fight is an uphill fight. Why would anyone think that an illegal immigrant would have respect for any of our laws when they know the legal authorities are winking at their first illegal act, that of entering this country illegally? They will not respect our laws when our legislators and our president don't respect the laws already on the book prohibiting this behavior.

No one is against a work permit for immigrants who enter the country legally to work here. We want to document everyone who enters this country and vet them through the FBI system, which I might add, many Americans have to be subject to in order to get jobs in teaching, government jobs and many others. Why shouldn't immigrants have to do this to be given the privilege of living in the greatest country that ever existed?

Linda Holub,
Sioux City

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