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Former business teacher, Vander Plaats, gives lesson on sound budgeting principles
Released 11/12/05
Republican candidate for Governor, Bob Vander Plaats, said today that he offers the real-world leadership experience necessary to balance Iowa’s budget.

Vander Plaats takes lead
Released 11/08/05
Republican Candidate for Governor, Bob Vander Plaats’ vision of real-life leadership for Iowa continues to energize voters across the state.

Vander Plaats closes the gap, while his opponent loses ground
Released 10/12/05
A recent Zogby poll, published in the Wall Street Journal on-line confirms that Bob Vander Plaats can beat the Democrats in a head-to-head match-up for the Governorship.

Campaign Chronicles Video Clips will Highlight Stops across Iowa
Released 07/14/05
Bob Vander Plaats, Republican candidate for Governor, has announced the recent re-design and addition of new features to his campaign website vpforgov.com.

Vander Plaats to Nussle: Take a Stand on Social Security
Released 06/23/05
Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats today called on his opponent in Iowa’s gubernatorial primary - Congressman Jim Nussle - to take a clear stand on social security reform.

Grassroots sends Nussle a message
Released 06/18/05
Republicans converged on Hamilton County today, kicking off the primary season with a statewide straw poll between gubernatorial candidates. Bob Vander Plaats received a convincing 90.6% of the vote, scoring the first victory of the primary.

Vander Plaats questions the restoration of voting rights for felons
Released 06/17/05
Republican Bob Vander Plaats is questioning the recent action by Governor Tom Vilsack to allow automatic restoration of voting rights for convicted Felons.

Vander Plaats calls for a series of debates
Released 06/01/05
When your third grader wants a camera phone and your medical records can be stored on a microchip in your arm, you know that it is a new world; a new world that demands a new vision.

Vander Plaats meets with Healthcare Committee
Released 05/31/05
The Vander Plaats for Governor Healthcare Committee launched its efforts Friday, in Des Moines, to offer real solutions to the issues facing Iowa’s healthcare system.  Chaired by Dr. Stuart Weinstein, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at The University of Iowa, the committee remained narrowly focused on maintaining the high quality of medical care Iowans are accustomed to, while ensuring affordable and accessible delivery of services for the future.

Vander Plaats Responds to Gross' Exit from the GOP Primary
Released 02/28/05
The Vander Plaats for Governor Campaign respects Doug Gross’ decision not to seek the Republican gubernatorial nomination in 2006. “I admire Doug’s business and political experience greatly and have enjoyed getting to know him over the past few years. He is a quality individual and I wish him the very best in future endeavors.” said Bob Vander Plaats today.

Vander Plaats Announces 2006 Leadership Team
Released 01/26/05
Vander Plaats revealed former opponent Steve Sukup as his campaign’s State Chairman and former Auditor of State Richard Johnson as State Co-Chairman...Vander Plaats has assembled a team of respected leaders with decades of business, education, healthcare, and government experience.

Vander Plaats Campaign Shows Early Financial Strength
Released 01/17/05
Mike Wells, Finance Chair for the Campaign, assured the Vander Plaats team that this early cash is merely a start. “We are committed to raising the dollars necessary to get Bob’s vision for Iowa out to all Iowans. It is time Iowa unites and gets behind an accomplished leader who will inspire Iowans through his courage to make bold decisions.”

Vander Plaats to Speak at Warren County Republican Dinner
Released 11/30/04
In addition to recognizing the efforts of the Warren County Republican Party, Vander Plaats’ message will focus on “lessons learned” based on the data of the 2004 election results and on “lessons application” as it relates to strategy for winning the governorship in 2006.