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Vander Plaats is the choice for governor
Robert D. Hoogeveen, Released 07/10/05
Dear Fellow Iowans:
Iowa will be well served with a Bob Vander Plaats governorship. I witnessed Bob’s leadership gifts first-hand when he served as high school principal for Sheldon Community High School. I credit him for uniting Sheldon in its efforts to educate all of its children in the public, private, and home schools. Therefore, I believe him when he says he will deliver a message of unity to Iowa.

Here's your chance, Western Iowa
Tim Moran III , Released 06/16/05
Sioux City - As we get ready to begin another gubernatorial primary season, I have one thing to say to Western Iowa: Here's your chance.

Vander Plaats celebrates diversity
Sandy Hoenig, Released 03/24/05
Dear Fellow Iowans:
It is obvious to all of us who know Bob Vander Plaats, Republican candidate for governor, that Mike Corum does not know Vander Plaats. ("Vander Plaats Not Right for the Job," March 7 letter). Corum is typical of those who like to take one sentence from comments and blow it out of proportion.