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Welcome to our many new supporters

Released: 11/08/05

Plymouth County Fundraiser - Akron

Plymouth CountyA big “thank you” to Dan and Lisa Wells for hosting a fantastic event at their new HOLE N’THE WALL Hunt Club and Lodge in Akron, Iowa. I was so blessed by the warm reception that Darla and I received from those in attendance. It is always great to visit with supporters, and being in our home county made it even sweeter. The number of folks that came out for the event is representative of the momentum that our campaign is experiencing. Please take the time to enjoy each of the attached video clips.

Plymouth County Fundraiser Part 1
Plymouth County Fundraiser Part 2
Plymouth County Fundraiser Part 3

Vander Plaats takes the lead

Bob Vander Plaats’ vision of real-life leadership for Iowa continues to energize voters across the state and we are excited that so many of you are joining the VP team.

Today, the Wall Street Journal online continues its coverage of Zogby’s Battleground States Poll; showing Vander Plaats as the leading gubernatorial candidate in Iowa’s gubernatorial race.

While last month’s poll showed Vander Plaats and his opponent in a virtual tie with the democrats, the latest results show Nussle losing to democratic front-runners while Vander Plaats has taken the lead.

Since May, Nussle has lost his six-point lead over Culver; moving from a lead of 41% - 35% in May to a current tie 43.3% - 43.8%. Furthermore, his lead over Fallon has decreased by nearly 20 points; moving from a 43% - 19% lead in May to a less comfortable lead of 45.8% - 40.3%.

Nussle vs Culver Vander Plaats vs Culver

Of course, the ultimate poll will be taken one year from now when Iowans will indeed elect a new governor. Vander Plaats believes that his message of fresh, bold leadership will not only win the hearts of Iowans, but the majority of votes as well.

Regarding his opponent’s recent media buys, Vander Plaats said that it is simply another attempt to employ the tactics of “politics as usual” saying, “Our campaign puts a high priority on authentic contact with Iowans that cannot be replaced with paid media and canned ads.”

Authentic contact with voters gives Vander Plaats the opportunity to talk with Iowans about the importance of reclaiming fundamental Republican ideals, which he believes is necessary for Republicans to win back the governorship.

In the words of Steve Sukup, “Bob has the best message, the best record of achievement in the real-world, the most energy and enthusiasm for Iowa, and the conservative principles that make him a candidate we can trust.”

“People are eager to join a campaign that is based on the republican principles of fiscal integrity and personal responsibility,” concluded Vander Plaats, “and I believe that our momentum shows that we are communicating that message successfully.”

With generous financial support and growing excitement, the Vander Plaats campaign is being richly blessed by everyday Iowans who are giving to a cause they believe in deeply.

For a great example of this passionate support, please view our new “Campaign Chronicles” spotlighting an event in Plymouth County, where three hundred Iowans gathered at the beautiful Hole n’ the Wall Hunt Club and Lodge to offer support for Bob’s campaign.

If you would like to host an event in your home or community to advance this worthy cause, please contact Kristi Dusenbery at kristid@vpfrogov.com.
With your continued support, we will win back Terrace Hill.  

For more information on the Vander Plaats for Governor Campaign visit www.vpforgov.com