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Email Blasts:

Iowa is faced with “critical issues”

Released: 11/04/05

Dear fellow Republicans:
Growing up, conducting business, and raising a family in Iowa has given me first-hand knowledge of the issues facing
our state. In addition, I have many conversations across Iowa every week and hear citizens of all ages express these
same concerns.

We simply do not need a survey to determine what is important to Iowans.

Indeed, Iowa is faced with “critical issues” that are crying for leadership that will make the decisions necessary to:

  • Stimulate economic growth
  • Spend less than we take in
  • Reduce an out-of-control government bureaucracy
  • Ensure that our children have the best teachers; who are able to put the focus back on teaching and learning once again
  • Protect our children from sexual predators
  • Encourage young people and retirees to remain in Iowa
  • Promote an Iowa Brand of energy
  • Make Iowa unattractive to illegal immigrants

If we are to ensure these outcomes, we do not need politicians who understand the system; we need leaders who are working to change the system.

If elected, my service to the people of Iowa will be based on doing what is right. Decisions must not be made with an unhealthy dependence on being politically correct, but must be made for the good of our children and grandchildren.

"Politics as usual" focuses on quick-fixes and bigger government. Ladies and gentleman, mandating a product that we should be proud to buy and sell sends a very disturbing message.

If the owner of a coffee shop requires employees to buy only the coffee from that shop, it sends the message that the only way the employees will buy the coffee is if they are required to do so. This undoubtedly leaves customers asking, "If it were a great product, the employees would want to buy it. What’s wrong with the coffee?"

Renewable energy in Iowa is a great product that should be celebrated, not mandated.

The handling of taxpayer money is also a "critical issue."

"Politics as usual" forgets that every dime the government receives is a result of the hard work of its citizens. It is government’s duty to make responsible decisions…not decisions which are merely politically correct.

I do not believe that across-the-board cuts are a responsible way to handle taxpayer’s money. Across-the-board cuts grant the same status to highway beautification as to healthcare and education. These budget cuts may be simple, but they are simply wrong.

Responsible fiscal leadership requires critical thinking.

Finally, parents today are faced with blatant immorality in the media, slot machines that look like arcade games in the local gas stations, and an ever-increasing fear of sex-crimes against their children.

Parents are continually faced with "critical issues."

Ronald Reagan once said that "the role of government is to protect the people, not run their lives." I agree. Government leaders must come alongside parents to assist them in growing the next generation, while resisting the urge to engage in a hostile take-over.

Parents should be intimately involved in the lives of their children. When a young lady is faced with an unwanted pregnancy, her parents should be intimately involved.

I am opposed to legislation that places different levels of value on the lives of the unborn. Protecting the sanctity of life is a "critical issue."

If you, like me, are tired of “politics as usual” depending on surveys to identify the most popular course of action, I invite you to join my former opponent - Steve Sukup, Former State Auditor - Dick Johnson, and Form Executive Director of the Iowa High School Athletic Association - Bernie Saggau in the pursuit of bold, fresh leadership for Iowa; with a new approach to tackling "critical issues."

Together we can make Iowa the best place in the country to live, learn, work, play, and retire.

Sincerely, Bob Vander Plaats