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Vander Plaats closes the gap, while his opponent loses ground

Released: 10/12/05

A recent Zogby poll, published in the Wall Street Journal on-line confirms that Bob Vander Plaats can beat the Democrats in a head-to-head match-up for the Governorship.

The September poll shows Vander Plaats in a virtual tie with Chet Culver: 41.7% - 41.8%. This is an eight-point improvement for Vander Plaats, compared to numbers released in May showing Culver leading 39% - 31%.

Vander Plaats vs Culver

While this is good news for Vander Plaats, the numbers painted a much different picture for his Republican opponent, showing Jim Nussle declining in popularity among likely voters.

Since May, Nussle has lost his six-point lead over Culver; moving from a lead of 41% - 35% in May to a current tie 43.3% - 43.8%.  Furthermore, his lead over Fallon has decreased by nearly 20 points; moving from a 43% - 19% lead in May to a less comfortable lead of 45.8% - 40.3%.

Nussle vs Culver Nussle vs Fallon

The bottom line is that Vander Plaats has closed the gap, while his opponent has lost ground against the democratic field
of candidates.

“This shift in support is a clear signal of the momentum and strength that our campaign has been experiencing,” said Vander Plaats. “It further indicates that people are tired of politics as usual and they are taking a fresh-look at leaders with real-world experience and a record of leadership with economic integrity.”

In addition, in Saturday's address to the Iowa Taxpayer's Association in Des Moines, Vander Plaats shared his vision for economic growth in Iowa by laying out the foundations for a major overhaul to the state's income tax system by replacing it with a Flat Tax. Vander Plaats also believes we can experience true property tax relief by removing K-12 Institutional and mental health funding from the property tax rolls.

"If a simple tithing system is good enough for God, a simplified income tax system is good enough for government," he said.

Meanwhile, Vander Plaats opponent, a 16-year career politician, offered a five-point plan that offers little vision for solving the state's economic problems. Instead, the Chairman of the House Budget committee touted his plan for across-the-board cuts to meet the budget crisis in Washington D.C.

Vander Plaats maintains his position that the across-the-board cuts represent laziness in leadership; putting much-needed programs at risk, while giving value to pork barrel projects and other programs that are not vital.

“I couldn’t be more please with our position,” said Vander Plaats. “We’ve known all along that this would be a tough race, but I believe with continued hard work, and a passionate organization that is growing daily, we will win the nomination in June.”

To listen to excerpts of Bob's speech, visit the following link on the KUNI Public Radio website:

P.S. Five new Campaign Chronicles will be coming your way very soon! 

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