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Vander Plaats Campaign Well Positioned in Primary

Released: 8/18/05
This press release is in response to the following email, Click Here to view!

With 65% of Republican Primary voters not definite about whom they will vote for next June, Bob Vander Plaats is well positioned to continue building upon the grassroots momentum his campaign is experiencing.  The numbers released in a recent poll* simply reveal that Vander Plaats’ effort to reach out to Iowans with a positive and issue-based message is paying off.

Great name ID for Vander Plaats.  A virtual newcomer to Iowa Republican politics in 2002, Bob Vander Plaats now has name identification of nearly 70%.  A growing number of Iowa Republicans are getting to know him, and as awareness of Bob grows, so does his base of support.

After nearly 16 years in Congress, our opponent’s name ID is within a mere 17% of Bob Vander Plaats’.  That is a very narrow margin to close over the coming months!

Great reinforcement of the need for debates.  65% of primary voters polled have not made a definite decision of who they will vote for in the republican gubernatorial primary.  These voters deserve a dialog on the issues!  The polling data gives great validity to Bob Vander Plaats’ call for debates.  We will continue advocating for the people of Iowa to hear specific discussion between candidates regarding their position on the issues and vision for Iowa.  If it is early enough to examine polling data, then it is not too early for debates.

Running for and with the grassroots of our party.  Bob Vander Plaats is working tirelessly to connect with all Republican primary voters in Iowa, not just a particular demographic.  Our County Chair organization is energized and strong; having grassroots activists living in the counties where they volunteer.  The dedication demonstrated by our volunteers is a tribute to the grassroots and our party.  Our campaign prides itself on the authenticity of our county chair organization.   The Vander Plaats volunteer base well exceeds 4,000 Iowans.

Why Iowa is Red and Keeping our Republican Leadership.  There is a lot of talk about keeping Iowa a “red” state and winning back the governorship for the Republican Party.  The 2004 numbers show that we were successful because we won the moral majority and ran on the key issues of our party.  Our campaign values exactly that.  Bob Vander Plaats is a leader who is passionate about his conservative values and dedicated to running an intelligent, issues-focused campaign.  That is the path to a victory in 2006!

Winning in 2006.  We are energized by the results of this poll.  The numbers demonstrate that Bob Vander Plaats is gaining Name ID and positive momentum with Republican primary voters.  The real question is who can win against the Democrats in 2006.  We know that the answer is Bob Vander Plaats.  Bob does not have a congressional record to attack, but rather a record of success in leading business, education, and health & human services.  Bob’s history of fiscal integrity, authentically balanced budgets, and excellence in education will not only appeal to Republican voters, but to Independents and conservative Democrats.

*Poll conducted by an independent third party (Victory Enterprises) August 8-10, 2005. Margin of error +/-5%.

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