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Campaign Chronicles Update

Released: 08/04/05

One of the best things I enjoy about running for Governor is spending time with you. The time I spend meeting, talking and getting to know the people of Iowa is so important to our campaign.

I believe it is the grassroots who will decided this election and that is why I make it a priority to travel the state and tell people about who I am and why I am running for Governor. In the past two months I have been in more than 50 counties and if we have not been in your area, we will be soon!

I would like to share with you the highlights of these visits with our Campaign Chronicle video clips on our website.

Fayette County Meet-n-Greet - Oelwein

OelweinWe enjoyed good food and good conversation with a roomful of Fayette County supporters at the Pizza Ranch in Oelwein. Kitty Rehberg, Chair of our Education Committee was there along with our Fayette County Chairs, Cheryl and Dave Hanson. We talked at length about one of Iowa’s most valued resources…our kids! We must educate them with excellence, and then provide the opportunity for them to find good-paying jobs so that they will stay in Iowa to work and raise a family. It did my heart good to see many young people in the room. Please remember to pray for Dave Hanson and his family, as he has been deployed to Iraq with the Army Reserves. So many of Iowa’s men and women are serving overseas…we must remember to pray for them, and their families, daily; they are sacrificing so much to serve our country.
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Bull Moose Club - Des Moines

Des MoinesIt always inspires me to be in a room full of young adults who are actively engaged in the Republican Party. The Bull Moose Club meets once a month in Des Moines and I was privileged to address their group on this particular Wednesday. While it’s great to meet with young people who have chosen to be educated and employed in Iowa, it is so important that this become the rule, rather than the exception. I enjoyed visiting with David Oman and meeting Isaiah McGee, who is running for a seat on Waukee’s City Council. Thank you to the Members of Des Moines’ Bull Moose Club for giving me such a warm welcome and for visiting with me about your ideas regarding the future of Iowa.
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RAGBRAI - Sheldon

SheldonWelcome to Iowa! It is quite a site to watch the sea of bikes traveling Iowa¹s highways and Darla and I enjoyed greeting bikers as they entered Sheldon, where we were both born and raised. It felt like 110 degrees in the shade as we shook hands and visited with folks about their hometowns, listened to what they like about Iowa, and wished them well for the remainder of the RAGBRAI journey. Thank you to the many Vander Plaats¹ Volunteers who handed out over 8,100 Bomb Pops to tired riders and members of the community. Special thanks, also, to Bill Waund and our County Chairs who organized water-stops along the RAGBRAI route: Jayson Vande Hoef, Jason Moser, Randy Feenstra, Harley and Ann Kohlhaas, Jerry Tweeten, Marvin Johnson, Andy Hill, Sam Kramer, Andy and Karen Van Der Maaten, Cheryl Hanson, and Gale Severson. Thank you!!!
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Other additions to the Campaign Chronicles also include:

Thank you to all of our local volunteers and supporters in these communities who helped make these visits so successful.

If you have an upcoming event in your area where you would like me or my staff to attend, please e-mail Linda Holub, our campaign scheduler at lindah@vpforgov.com

We look forward to seeing you soon on the campaign trail!

Sincerely, Bob Vander Plaats

          Bob Vander Plaats

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