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R.D.P.I.O.P. Wholeheartedly Endorses Bob Vander Plaats

Released: 8/04/05

RDPIOPRepublicans and Democrats for Positive and Issue Oriented Politics is proud to endorse Republican candidate Bob Vander Plaats.  When elected, we believe that he will nobly represent the state of Iowa, while becoming an esteemed governor.

Simply stated, R.D.P.I.O.P.’s goal is to improve the American political process.  It is also our objective to explore, define, and debate all of our nation’s issues.  Thus, we are delighted to endorse Mr. Vander Plaats as an advocate of our premises.

With the signing of our clean campaign pledge, Mr. Vander Plaats has declared that he will refrain from inciting, inflammatory, or misleading statements.  He has also promised to confine his criticism to his opponent’s record.

While Mr. Vander Plaats desires victory, he is aware that winning without principal is a monumental disgrace.  By embracing our endorsement, he hopes to serve as an example for both his state and this great nation.

During this timid age of attack and speculation, our boldest must stride into the foreground.  Amidst a mass of scuttled sound, defined leaders have never been more important.  The United States must be spirited by positive issue-oriented champions of democracy.

On behalf of those who desire free and honest debate and on behalf of our membership; Republicans and Democrats for Positive and Issue Oriented Politics is elated to endorse Bob Vander Plaats.  Let’s elect him Governor.

For more information on the Vander Plaats for Governor Campaign visit www.vpforgov.com