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Vander Plaats calls for a series of debates

Released: 6/02/05

SIOUX CITY, IA - When your third grader wants a camera phone and your medical records can be stored on a microchip in your arm, you know that it is a new world; a new world that demands a new vision.

It is time for leadership that offers Iowans hope, security, and true prosperity. It is time for our government to balance its budget and our schools to provide a math and science education that will make our kids competitive in a global economy. It is time for Iowa to embrace economic ideas that will promote a secure financial future for our citizens and our state.

Bob Vander Plaats is running for governor because he holds such a vision for Iowa; a vision that merges contemporary ideas with the principles of the past. People throughout the state continue to be energized by Vander Plaats’ passion for an improved Iowa.

Today, Vander Plaats welcomes Jim Nussle into the race for governor by challenging him to 12 formal debates over the course of the next year. “Iowans deserve to hear an honest dialog of ideas so that they, not political insiders, can choose their next governor. We have a full year to systematically discuss our vision for the state and I believe that the people of Iowa will welcome a series of debates.”

Vander Plaats concluded by saying, "We must move from politics as usual and move forward with courage in communicating our vision for Iowa.”

Vander Plaats’ invitation for debates will also be delivered via 60 second ads on statewide radio beginning Thursday.

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