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Vander Plaats releases plan to promote "Iowa Brand" of energy

Released: 01/26/06

Field Talkin'Vander Plaats: Ethanol incentives, no mandate
Sioux City businessman Bob Vander Plaats on Wednesday rejected proposals to require all gasoline sold in the state be blended with ethanol, opting instead for incentives to bolster the number of flex-fuel vehicles running on E85, a fuel blended with 85 percent ethanol.

‘‘Mandates are not the answer,’’ said Vander Plaats, who is seeking the Republican nomination for governor. ‘‘They merely offer a quick fix, an easy political answer that puts trust in bigger government instead of putting trust in people and the product.’’

In campaign appearances across the state, Vander Plaats spelled out his proposals for increasing the use of alternative energy, including:

  • Requiring the state to purchase only flex-fuel or biodiesel vehicles when replacing or adding to the state’s fleet.
  • Setting the registration fee for flex-fuel or biodiesel vehicles at $85.
  • Establishing a relationship between the Department of Natural Resources and the renewable fuel industry to promote the product, including developing an ‘‘Iowa brand’’ of energy.

‘‘We have already established a solid base for the use of ethanol and biodiesel,’’ Vander Plaats said. ‘‘Now we need to make it better through market-driven distribution.’’

Increasing the use of renewable fuels has been atop the agenda in the governor’s race and the Legislature.

Vander Plaats said 74 percent of the gasoline sold in the state last year contained a 10 percent ethanol blend, while sales of E85 tripled. There are about 100,000 vehicles in the state with the capacity to operate on E85.

He said the state should focus on efforts to improve marketing of the fuels, and not force motorists to purchase the product.

‘‘A good marketing strategy ... cultivates a genuine passion for the product and puts matters in the hands of the people,’’ Vander Plaats said.
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