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Email Blasts:

Thank you for making caucus night a resounding success!

Released: 01/17/06

Last night, at caucuses across the state, Iowans met with friends and neighbors to voice their desire and plan for a stronger Iowa. I applaud every individual who showed their love and support for Iowa by participating.

On behalf of the Vander Plaats’ team, thank you!

As I prepared to address the folks in Polk County, I reflected on my reason for running for governor. And the reason is quite simple. I am running for governor because the basic Republican principles that guide our Party need to be upheld in Iowa: fiscal responsibility, limited government, free-enterprise, and personal accountability.

I believe passionately that these values are necessary for growing a stronger Iowa.

As your governor, I will hold true to these principles by simplifying the income tax system, reducing property taxes, marketing an “Iowa Brand” of renewable energy, seeing that your tax dollars are used wisely within our classrooms, offering all Iowans access to quality healthcare, and ensuring that those who work to keep us safe are well-prepared and equipped.

Even so, it is not one man or even these principles themselves that enact change, it is the people. It is when people engage in the process, as they did last night, and hold government leaders accountable, that great things are accomplished.

Caucus night was a great reflection on the team we have assembled. There were hard-working volunteers in every county and a great line-up of well-respected Iowans speaking on our behalf.

Steve Sukup, Dick Johnson, Bernie Saggau, Paul Pate, Kitty Rehberg, Bill Salier, Mike Wells, Representative Dwayne Alons, Senator Dave Mulder, Al Manning, along with many others.

We have received wonderful feedback from local volunteers across the state…

 “I was pleased that Bill Salier came to Linn County to represent Bob Vander Plaats. Salier’s delivery was well received by the caucus attendees. His message was informative and thought provoking causing people to put their vote in Bob’s column.” ~ Nancy Bruner, VP Chair in Linn County

“We were extremely pleased with the turnout for Bob Vander Plaats in Woodbury County. It was obvious by the BVP stickers and verbal support that he is indeed, our "favorite son"… In one of our larger rural precincts, when our volunteer stood up to read the letter from Bob and speak briefly on his behalf, a long time, loyal, Republican leader and pillar of the community in Woodbury County, came to the front in his Vander Plaats T-shirt, stood beside her with his back to the audience so everyone could read "Vander Plaats for Governor." You see, this man suffers from ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and has difficulty speaking and walking, yet he still made the effort to go to his precinct caucus and show his support for Bob. This is the passion and fervor that we find in Bob's supporters. It gives us the inspiration to work even harder!” ~ Norma Adema, VP Chair in Woodbury County

…And a lot of media coverage:

 David Garlich, a Principal Financial Group employee, was quoted in the Des Moines Register as saying, “Vander Plaats has a better handle on Iowa issues.” ~ Des Moines Register, 1/17/2006

“Bob Vander Plaats of Sioux City was described as a conservative ‘who won’t compromise on principle’ by north Iowa farmer Bill Salier…He called on Republicans to join Vander Plaats in limiting government, lowering taxes and upholding the values of the Constitution.” ~ The Cedar Rapids Gazette, 1/17/2006

“Paul Pate, a former state senator, Iowa secretary of state and mayor of Cedar Rapids, spoke for Vander Plaats… "If there's a cheerleader for Iowa, that's Bob Vander Plaats," Pate said. "He's willing to do it. He'll fight the fight." Pate said Vander Plaats has supporters in the eastern part of the state, which could prove crucial in electing a Republican governor. "I'm challenging you tonight in western Iowa to make sure your voice is heard.” ~ “Sioux City Journal, 1/17/2006

“Former State Rep. Steve Sukup spoke on behalf of gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats. Sukup, formerly of Dougherty who now lives in Clear Lake, pointed out that he ran against Vander Plaats in the Republican primary four years ago but now supports him. He said Vander Plaats has a background in education, human services and business, three key areas where Iowans want experienced leadership.” ~ Mason City Globe Gazette, 1/17/2006

The positive momentum we feel as we travel the state is energizing, to say the least. My warmest thanks to all who worked hard last night…and who will continue working hard for the Vander Plaats team.

You are, indeed, a blessing!

Sincerely, Bob Vander Plaats

          Bob Vander Plaats

For more information on the Vander Plaats for Governor Campaign visit www.vpforgov.com